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Your first souvenir about art?

Undeniably the GALLIZIA - TAG exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris in 2009. I really discovered so-called "urban" art, and the big names in the discipline like Seen, Rammellzee, Rif170, TAKI 183 and so many others who today are considered pioneers.

The masterpiece you would like to have in your collection?

A wooden B-Boy on a human scale by Japanese artist Taku OBATA like the ones he produced for his expo-residency in March in London. I like this cross between the American Breakdance culture and the methodical technique specific to Japan.


Your first acquisition?

I had already bought some prints and limited editions before, but my first "real" acquisition was an original drawing by Miss Van - Gitana X. I really like her work and have followed her for a long time. In 2018, the OpenSpace Gallery organized a retrospective exhibition around her work and I instantly fell in love with this drawing.

The masterpiece of your collection?

I discovered the work of Doze Green during his exhibition at the OpenSpace Gallery in 2018, since then I follow him scrupulously. During his last exhibition at Allouche Gallery in New York, I bought two drawings. One from 2005 and another from 2008 titled Dickie Mo, quite phallic and truly representative of one of his periods.

Where do you buy your works?

For the originals, most of the time, I buy them in gallery. I need to see the work, the colors and the formats in order to see if it is consistent with what I have in my collection. For example, I have sometimes put an option on works online and decided to buy another because it was much better in real life. But I have also already bought works on the internet via online galleries or just from the catalog without ever being disappointed when I receive it.


TOP 3 known artists?

Jean-Michel Basquiat | Keith Haring | Dondi White

I have considerable admiration for these three pioneering artists of urban art. They succeeded in bringing with them a whole generation of artists who are still pioneers today. I'm thinking of Futura 2000, Seen or Lee Quinones.

TOP 3 emerging artists?

Dan Rawlings | Mate | Abstrkt

1 : At the Urban Art Fair 2019, he installed a plasma torch car in front of the entrance to the fair. It was innovative and unexpected. I saw him again during one of his exhibitions and he explained to me how he worked. It was fascinating.

2 : I follow closely the scene from Southeast Asia, including the mural artist Mate. I saw him working during a trip to this region. I like that urban artists continue to paint in the street despite the fact that they exhibit in galleries.

3 : I had the opportunity to exchange with the Cuban artist Abstkt when he came to France. He was dubbed by Futura and painted with him on one of the walls of the Museum of Graffiti in Miami, and even a wall in honor of PSG with Crash.


What are your criteria to choose an artwork? If I buy a work, there must be a crush, that the work pleases me as well visually as by its history and that of the artist. I remain convinced that even if certain acquisitions are made with a financial motive, if ultimately the artist's rating decreases for a time, we regret it less when the work releases an emotion.

What advice would you have liked to have when you started your collection? The mistake I made was to buy what others were buying. Particularly based on auction results, sometimes at ridiculously high prices, saying to myself: "if I bought it at this price, that's what it should be worth", while it is better to save and buy an original rather than buying ten prints...

Any advice for neophyte collectors?

When you start, you have to take the time and analyze the market to be sure to buy the piece of your dreams at the right time, at the right price, and at the right person / gallery. For that we can discuss it with "experts" or just connoisseurs. Because interacting with collectors also means building a network to give advice. Thanks to social media, all of these collectors are just a click away, and I personally try to respond as much as possible when I am contacted on Instagram to discuss art and collections.

What brings you MyStudiolo?

I have tried a lot of collection management tools, and unfortunately most of them are very poorly optimized for simple collectors and extremely expensive when you want to take the paid offer. So to be able to enter my data, I had an Excel spreadsheet and a Pages file in the cloud, but it was annoying to fill out and keep up to date. MyStudiolo is just the opposite, a free version that allows you to see the potential of the platform immediately, with ease of use that puts the collector at the heart of his collection. And premium versions more than affordable that offer nothing more or less than the essential to manage its data, its collection, have clear statistics and access it in one click, quickly and simply. I took advantage of the confinement to sort and list all my collection, and my goal now will be to enter everything in MyStudiolo.

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