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Above : Samuel with Paul Insect's artworks


Your first souvenir about art?

I had the chance to visit museums every Sunday with my parents when I was a kid. So I was made aware of art very early on, but it was later that I became really interested in it, by discovering modern, contemporary and urban art, exhibition after exhibition.

The masterpiece you would like to have in your collection?

An original of Invader!

Invader, TK_119, 2014


Your first acquisition?

An enhanced and dedicated lithograph by Seth. I have very fond memories of this moment of exchange with the artist and the other visitors to this exhibition.

The masterpiece of your collection?

A lithograph by Marc Chagall and his superb framing. A detail that should not be underestimated because a frame can change everything!

Where do you buy your works?

I prefer to favor the physical purchase to see the work in real life.


TOP 3 favorite artists?

Paul Insect, for his play of materials and colors

Invader, for his universe and his attachment to Paris

Pejac, for his attention to detail and his reflection

TOP 3 emerging artists?

En Iwamura | Giorgiko | Homey


What are your criteria to choose an artwork?

I do not necessarily have criteria, I buy at the crush. Now, I try to focus on the originals and see the work for real before buying it. I think there is a real paradox in our time: we are able to buy on the internet a work that we will see every day in real life.

Any advice for new collectors?

If you have a small purse, start with toys, derivative objects and lithographs (and why not one already framed bought on the second market). The art world is a very fast-paced world so think quickly and well. Finally, do not think of reselling the work unless it is to finance a new purchase. So ask yourself this question: am I ready to see this work every day?

What brings you MyStudiolo?

It is a tool that allows me an improved, simple and efficient management of my artworks.

Instagram : @samuelbelolo

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