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Where does your passion for art come from?

I have always been a lover of beautiful things, and when it was necessary to fill the void of the white walls of my first apartment I came into this fabulous world. Follower of Design and decoration / setup then seduced by the craze of art releases, I just started following Instagram accounts related to art. I was quickly charmed by the editions that artists release at prices much more affordable than original works and much easier to acquire. After several years I can say that what I love in Art beyond the works, it is its world: to share, to meet, to travel, to discover, to evolve, to change…. Never has a passion allowed me to do so humanly. Traveling for fairs (ArtBasel, Frieze, Artbrussels…) remain the best moments of my year.


There is always a starting point for a collection. Do you remember of your first piece?

My first "toy" will remain the KAWS Lazzarini gray, I remember sending the Paypal to the private seller and saying "wow I just paid $ 450 for plastic, but am I crazy? My first print was from Cleon Peterson" Marchers "but I will always remember my first original work, Mike Lee oil on panel "Besties" bought at Mike's show at AFG (Arsham Fieg Gallery).

The masterpiece of your collection, the one you are most proud about?

I can't choose one, I hesitate between my donut by Josh Sperling, my charcoal drawing by Joyce Pensato (1994) and my painting by Javier Calleja. Closely followed by my canvas by Mike Lee, and a Print signed by Kaws. This is my TOP 5!

Where do you buy your works? Online, at fairs, at galleries?

I buy 99% of my works online - nevertheless the purchases are often triggered by fairs where I have the chance to discover artists and especially to see the works for real and to discover the technique and the textures. I buy mainly in first market but sometimes you have to accept having arrived too late and buy in second market (auctions - marketplaces). I created a Facebook group 3 years ago which today has almost 5000 quality collectors. This group - in addition to having generated 1 million euros in sales - constantly allows to exchange between collectors, to meet around the world, to share photos of fairs, openings, to give recommendations on cities, to help each other during “onsite releases” . To join it is easy, click on the link of my bio Instagram @raph_is


What are your favorite artists of the moment?

I'm trying to make sure my tastes don't change too quickly, otherwise my wallet might take a hit. I would say that Javier Calleja, Robert Nava, Julie Curtiss, Oli Epp, Mike Lee, KAWS, Tomoo Gokita, Paul Insect, Invader, En iwamura, Haroshi, Sorayama…. Are among my favorite artists. I have always loved supporting emerging artists. I have notably acquired pieces by César Piette, Anna Weyant, Anna Park, En Iwamura, Max Rumbol…


The role of the collector today according to you?

For me, the most important thing is to share your discoveries, show your displays, give framing advice, support the artists, pass on the advice you received when you started! BE CAREFUL about “instagram” purchases motivated by likes and the tendency to “do like the others” so as not to miss a good shot. The collector may also want to strive to be ACTOR in this world by becoming a gallery owner, agent, publisher, media, etc. For my part, in addition to the group, I wanted to do something with the artists that I collect and that I have supported since. years! This is why I am organizing my first exhibition "The Black & White Project", an all black and white group show, entirely charitable! It’s scheduled for October 2020, I’ll say more very soon… stay tuned!

What are your criteria of choice in the acquisition of your works?

Support, technique and image. Size does not matter, I have a majority of small pieces in my collection but I prefer to have nothing but a "bad image". The best artists sometimes produce less good things, I take the time to find what I like and which will please overall. I recently made the choice to turn mainly to originals rather than editions even if I can not help but buy them during releases!

What advice would you have liked to have when you started your collection?

To buy less but better. "Less is more", over the years I have reduced the size of my collection to be able to buy original, more upscale pieces. Apart from one or two good deals I don't have too many regrets! Fortunately, I'm the kind of person who goes over the past to the point of hurting myself!

Our next talk party will be about art and brands. What does this thematic evoke for you?

Art and fashion have come together enormously in recent years (Abloh-Murakami / Heron Preston - Nava / Haroshi - 2G / Kenny Scharf tees / Dior Arsham / Dior Kaws / André Mango…) Beyond that, brands have understood the enthusiasm of collectors by making all-out collaboration on any type of product (clothing, sculpture, basketball, lamps ...) I always like to remind that the multiplication of releases and the increase in retail prices remain problematic ... pay attention!

What brings you MyStudiolo?

During my many discussions with collectors and gallery owners, and my trips to fairs or vernissage, the sentences "Look at this piece that I have just received" or "it must have been 10 years since I have this sculpture" come back all time. And nothing better than Mystudiolo to support my words by quickly finding my photos, my works and other related statistics in one click without navigating through my 7893 photos.

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