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Over the years and in total symbiosis, the businessman and the great couturier had assembled an extraordinary collection of modern art, Art Deco may also include sculptures, Renaissance art objects, jewellery and old paintings. MyStudiolo traces the life of this duo of eclectic collectors in:

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1958 After 8 years of relationship with the painter Bernard Buffet of which he was the agent, Pierre Bergé meets Yves Saint Laurent, then stylist at Dior. Their couple will last 50 years until the death of the designer in 2008.

1961 The couple decided to found their own fashion house. The serious character of Pierre channels the hedonistic side of Yves. The latter will unveil 4 years later his famous collection inspired by Piet Mondrian and then a cubist dress in tribute to Pablo Picasso in 1988.

1994 Activist of the homosexual cause, Pierre Bergé takes part in the creation of the association Together against the AIDS which will take the name of Sidaction. He became president in 1996.

2001 Pierre Bergé is named great patron of Arts and Culture. He supports projects close to his heart such as the acquisition of the painting Saint Thomas at the pike by Georges de La Tour by the Louvre museum, or the renovation of two rooms of the National Gallery in London which bear the name of Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Bergé.

2009 After the death of Yves, Pierre decides to sell the complete set of 700 treasures and masterpieces gathered over decades. The collection is offered at auction by Christie's at the Grand Palais because he likes the idea of trying to bring the market back to Paris. It is the sale of the century: it brings in 373.5 million euros, a historic record.

2017 Pierre Bergé died at the age of 86. Madison Cox, his husband and universal legatee, organized with Sotheby's in Paris the ultimate sale of his collection, bringing together the furniture that decorated his 4 houses. This last chapter of the major Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent sales closed with several world records and a total of 27.5 million euros.

Henri Matisse, Les coucous, tapis bleu et rose, 1911

Jean-Auguste-Domique Ingres, Portrait de la comtesse de la Rue, 1812

Constanti Brancusi, Madame L.R., 1914-7

Piet Mondrian, Composition avec bleu, rouge, jaune et noir, 1922


  • No less than five catalogs for a total weight of 10 kilos were needed to present all the lots of the "sale of the century". Luxurious volumes that have become collector are remarkably commented on by art historians, solicitous to transcribe the magic of this collection. Discover the lots here

  • After China has unsuccessfully requested the return of two bronze animal heads, Pierre Bergé said, "I am ready to offer them to the Chinese government right away. All they have to do is declare that they will enforce the human rights, restore freedom to the Tibetans and accept the Dalaï Lama on their territory."

  • The only criterion of this couple of esthetes was to choose exceptional pieces: "We waited until we had money to touch art with a big "A". Rather an empty wall than a mediocre painting!" declared Pierre Bergé. Splendors chosen one by one, admired and integrated over the years into a set of perfect strength and consistency.

« I don't believe in possession. Art has always been, for me and Yves, in transit. Everything has to go away one day.»

Pierre Bergé

« One day we will talk about a Bergé taste. »

Yves Saint Laurent

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