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A great collector and specialist in urban art, Nicolas Laugero Lasserre is director of ICART (the school of culture management and the art market) and founding president of the association Artistik Rezo. Since 2016, his collection is on permanent display at ART 42 in School 42. He is the associated artistic director of the Fluctuart which is the first floating urban art museum. In the ART CLUB Le Figaro x Museum show, he hosts a monthly debate with experts and professionals from the art world.


Your first souvenir about art? An exhibition of Marc Chagall in Nice that I went to see as a child and that impressed me a lot.

The masterpiece you would like to have in your collection? I am lucky to live with the works that I love. So I don't envy the possession of another work. I like to live with works made by living artists.

Marc Chagall, The Lovers of Saint Paul de Vence, 1958


Your first acquisition?

A work by Miss Tic titled ''Le soleil nous laisse à des jours plus vieux''

The masterpiece of your collection?

Perhaps a work by Jacques Villeglé of 1975, made of lacerated posters.

Where do you buy your works?

Most often in galleries or auction houses. But also sometimes in the studio, when the artists do not have a gallery. The younger ones often.


TOP 3 known artists?

Swoon | Roa | Shepard Fairey

TOP 3 emerging artists?


Bault | Monkey Bird


What are your criteria to choose an artwork? It must be a favorite. The message or the purpose of the work.

Any advice for neophyte collectors? Buy what you like. Do not buy with the ears. Avoid speculation.

What brings you MyStudiolo? A real simplicity of management of the collection but also a very nice club with regular meetings.

Instagram : @nicolaslaugerolasserre

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