Matt Smithson - Contemporary Art

Above : Sever, Lose Lose, 2015


Your first souvenir about art?

My mother took me to a museum in San Francisco showing works on loan from the Palace of Versailles. The ornate features amazed me, and she always said you need to build culture!

The masterpiece you would like to have in your collection?

Yoshitomo Nara canvas.

Yoshitomo Nara, Moe No Suzaku, 1997


Your first acquisition?

KAWS x Undercover Bear Companion black edition

The masterpiece of your collection?

Jonas Wood collaged paper and colored pencil on prints book

Where do you buy your works?

I buy the majority of works from source online. Occasionally on the resell market through Instagram, Facebook groups, or forums. Two tours of ComplexCon in 2016-17 left me with PTSD, so it moved to online after that!


TOP 3 favorite artists?

Tomoo Gokita | Jonas Wood | KAWS

TOP 3 emerging artists?

Alejandro Cardenas | Tomokazu Matsuyama | Genesis Belanger


What are your criteria to choose an artwork?

Image first. Regardless of artist or rarity, if I couldn't enjoy living with it what's the point? Additionally, how will this work interact with other pieces in the collection?

Any advice for new collectors?

Start slow, books and small objects. Due to the economic reality of purchasing art, it is an investment, so research the artist and market as such.

What brings your MyStudiolo?

Now more than ever digital technologies are at the forefront of the art market, and MyStudiolo is an entryway to that from the collectors side.

Instagram : @matador_707

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