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Where does your passion for art come from?

From a very young age, living in Paris, I developed a pronounced taste for culture by going to exhibitions and to the cinema. After graduating I started working for Christie's auction house where I realized that art was what really excited me. Having the privilege of admiring incredible pieces up close before they were sold and discovering unique collections was really a founding experience for me. This passion recently led me to start a YouTube channel on Art where I talk about artists that I particularly like. I film openings and I show my new acquisitions as an art collector.


There is always a starting point for a collection. Do you remember of your first piece?

Yes of course! I love Larry Clark’s movies and on my birthday there was the sale of his personal photographs at London gallery Simon Lee for a “relatively” affordable price of £ 100 a photo. And that's where I started my collection with 3 of these photographs. In addition to being unique photos, I love the approach of Larry Clark who explained that the sale was for "all the kids that come to my shows in their thousands and could never afford ten to fifteen thousand dollars for a print... This is a pay back to all the skate rats and collectors who would like a souvenir so I can die happy ".

The masterpiece of your collection, the one you are most proud about?

Very difficult to say, it will depend on the days or my moods. At the moment I would say that it is a lipstick drawing by the artist Alex Foxton who has just collaborated with Kim Jones on the Dior Men Resort collection 2020. It is an artist that I discovered by chance in a Parisian bookstore and I immediately liked the idea of drawing with lipstick to represent male characters.

Where do you buy your works? Online, at fairs, at galleries?

I buy either online, in galleries or directly from artists.


What are your favorite artists of the moment?

At the moment, I love the drawings by American artist Ryan Travis Christian, I am obsessed with Chloé Wise's paintings and my favorite exhibition of 2019 was that of Harmony Korine at Gagosian NY.


The role of the collector today according to you?

Collectors have an important role in supporting artists and are sometimes a real springboard to success for some new artists. Beyond that, collectors also have a role in sharing their collection and transmitting their passion.

What are your criteria of choice in the acquisition of your works?

I always buy at the crush! In most cases, this favorite will come from the story around an artwork: either the artist’s story related to this artwork or my personal story that will link me to this artwork or this artist.

What advice would you have liked to have when you started your collection?

If there is a work that you like, the secret is that you have to contact people (galleries, artists, etc.) and do not hesitate to ask what they have in stock and the prices because everything is not always visible and that's how you come across rare pearls.

Our last Talk Party was about art and brands. What does this thematic evoke for you?

I love this theme, brands can finance great collaborative projects. This gives visibility to artists and creates closer links between the different arts.

What brings you MyStudiolo?

Before MyStudiolo, I had created an excel document that I tried as best I could to update each time I bought an artwork. Now with MyStudiolo I can organize my collection and access it in one click. It is an essential tool for all collectors!

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