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Where does your passion for art come from? My passion for art started about ten years ago following a sale about the American Graffiti pionners organized by Arnaud Oliveux (Artcurial Auction House)


There is always a starting point for a collection. Do you remember of your first piece?

My first acquisition is a work by Quik (Lin Felton), a beautiful painting from 1992, purchased from the artist that I had just met.

The masterpiece of your collection, the one you are most proud about?

A work by Rammellzee made on carpet acquired a few years ago, a master piece of 220 x 150 cm. It is listed in a book - that allowed me to acquire many pieces - called "Coming from the subway" (1992), published following a museum exhibition dedicated to Graffiti masters from New York.

Rammellzee, Knotted Minds, circa 1990

Where do you buy your works? Online, at fairs, at galleries?

The artworks in my collection come mainly from my research, through books and a network built for ten years now. It's about throwing bottles into the see


What are your favorite artists of the moment?

I really like the work of Pablo Tomek, of whom I own several works or Simon Martin: two young extremely talented artists.


The role of the collector today according to you?

I think that the role of a collector is ultimately to make visible his collection, share a story, emotions. Art must allow dialogue, an exchange of ideas that forges the story of tomorrow.

What are your criteria of choice in the acquisition of your works?

I am particularly interested in the history and works of American graffiti pioneers: Dondi White, Rammellzee, Futura 2000, A-One, Zephyr... The story of a work that touches me and takes my guts , this irresistible desire to acquire it.

Our next talk party will be about art and digital. What is your relationship to digital?

Digital is more and more present in contemporary creation and I am more and more interested in it. My eyes and my attention turn to this Art, irremediably. One of my recent acquisitions is a work by Theo Triantafyllidis, an artist working on virtual reality.

What brings you MyStudiolo?

MyStudiolo is a perfect instrument for organizing your collection and learning to be methodical!

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