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Your first souvenir together about art?

From the beginning of our relationship, we went to the "Puces de Saint Ouen", to the antique shops and flea markets, also on the roads of Normandy and our holidays. It was a passion to hunt around and find decorative items.

The masterpiece you would like to have in your collection?

An acrylic on paper or canvas from the 80s by Peter Saul.

Peter Saul,Worship warm turkey ,1986


Your first acquisition?

It is a hug of dogs - a 19th century bronze from Moignez that we have preciously preserved. It is the starting point of our "need" to collect. The collection of Barye bronzes that we then assembled led us to visit more fairs, galleries, auction rooms. And at the same time to broaden our centers of interest.

The masterpiece of your collection?

So there it is very complicated, because impossible to choose a single work. We have been collecting for 42 years, our centers of interest have evolved according to the encounters that have marked our journey. We can highlight some more intense favorites than the others:

FROM 1980 TO 2000

When we became interested in French lyric abstraction, our Mathieu from the 1950s won the prize. Then we moved on to narrative figuration and our Combas stood proudly in the living room. We have always been very fond of the work of Pierre & Gilles, and particularly happy to be able to acquire "La Mort d’ Adonis", a work that we adore and which has gone around the world in several museum exhibitions.


Then during our long "Street Art" period, we were moved by Banksy and we had the opportunity to buy our first Cleon Peterson - artist that we had discovered at the Palais de Tokyo thanks to the "Lasco Project" by Hugo Vitrani, many others followed since. After months of waiting, when we had the opportunity to acquire a Mohamed Bourouissa and an Orion Martin we were in heaven. Today, you cannot choose between Simphiwe Ndzube, Cinga Samson or Omar Ba.

Where do you buy your works? When we started to really collect, we mainly favored galleries. Then we pay more and more attention to what was going on in the auction halls, especially after the crisis of the art market in 1991. Now it's a mix of the two, but to discover new artists the galleries and fairs remain the preferred vehicles.


What are your favorite artists of the moment?

Thanks to our travels, curator friends, some galleries in France, in South Africa (Cape Town) and in the USA, and fairs including Art Basel and Investec (Cape Town) we have developed a very keen interest for some Afro artists. We want to cite in this category Cinga Samson, Simphiwe Ndzube, Derrick Adams, Omar Ba, Fahamu Pecou and our latest discovery at the Anne de Villepoix gallery: Godwin Namuyimba. We remain very attentive to the work of Cleon Peterson who remains one of the artists we love very much. We also fell in love with a bic pen drawing from The Kid a few years ago. Since then, he has developed a tempera technique, with superb mastery of colors. Young but already quite a few years of work behind him, with no uncontrolled buzz on the secondary market. We have other "favorites" such as Orion Martin, Josh Sperling, Sam Friedman, JR, Kas Oshiro, Christina Quarles, Daniel Arsham.

Orion Martin | Omar Ba | Mohamed Bourouissa

TOP 4 known artists?

Derrick Adams | Pierre & Gilles| JR | Cleon Peterson

TOP 4 emerging artists?

Simphiwe Nzdube | Godwin Namuyimba | The Kid | Cinga Samson


What are your criteria to choose an artwork? We only buy the works of artists that we want to hang at home. This is THE criterion. The idea is to live with it and to share our choices. Without this "emotional" or "aesthetic" relationship, we think that the purchase becomes speculative. And making a purchase only "speculative" is doubly penalizing if you do not like the work and the purchase turns out to be a flop ...

The role of the collector today according to you? The "collector" is overwhelmed by speculators and/or the financiers. They disrupt this market so much that former collectors (not multimillionaires) are rejected by certain renowned galleries of the artists' market on which speculation falls.

What advice would you have liked to have when you started your collection? We should have followed the advice of a professional who advised us to buy internationally. But unfortunately we did not listen to him. In the 90s we understood, and since then we follow his advice a little more.

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