How to set the resale price of a work?

The collector @raph_is answers your questions and sheds light on the art market.

It is a difficult exercise, on which one should not be mistaken under pain of being left with the part on the back. And who says piece that does not sell, says... a lot of consequences. First of all, the exercise is not the same if we are talking about an edition or an original work:

  • If it is an edition, the Watchcount tool allows you to see the eBay sales completed on the similar product. Combine this with the price of the different facebook groups, average down according to your willingness and always go "open to offers" and your work should be sold. On editions, there is no point in being particularly greedy! Keep in mind that other people have the same work as you and may be selling at a lower price. If the work is still available at retail, you will have to sell 'under retail'.

  • If we are talking about an original work, refer to the previous auctions for a similar technique / size. You can also try to get the latest catalog from the artist's exhibit to get an idea of the current cost of a similar-sized piece.

  • In any case, selling is a difficult exercise. Liquidity is sometimes low and the only way to sell quickly is to sell slightly below market prices.

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