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Above: Gaëtan & the artist MR.


Your first souvenir about art?

I am a great fan of Japanese animation since always. It opened my mind to the beauty of a drawing. Then I discovered contemporary art thanks to toys. Yes, it is strange but designer toys made me discover artists and their work from 3D to 2D.

The 3 masterpiece you would like to have in your collection?

A dream often remains inaccessible by its price, a very powerful factor today in the art world. But a painting by Takashi Murakami remains in my eyes my greatest desire after having seen it for real the first time in 2002. Then, I would say a very Kawaii statue of MR. And an original by James Jean!


Your first acquisition?

There is always a low start. When you start you are interested in certain artists and you discover new ones little by little. My first painting was a Bunny by Joe Ledbetter, a fairly large one.

The masterpiece of your collection?

I am happy to have been able to acquire two pieces of En Iwamura recently and I must say that they are my favorites from my collection.

Where do you buy your works?

I always prefer to buy directly from the artist's workshop, but sometimes you have to go through the gallery first... so gallery.


TOP 3 known artists?

James Jean | Takashi Murakami | Ly

TOP 3 emerging artists ?

Kyne | Roby Dwi Antono | Takaoki Tajima


What are your criteria to choose an artwork? Quite simply a favorite, but also a great love for Asian art. Without any reflection on a possible speculation in time.

Any advice for neophyte collectors? We start very small. Starting with prints is good. Sometimes some may just fund an original. But buy what you like, don't do like the others to avoid having the same collection as everyone else. Instagram is the best tool for discovering young artists. Big fan of toy, I now advise against their purchase or very little! It is better to have a refined collection.

What brings you MyStudiolo? It is for me a new tool for exchange and meetings in the world of art.

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