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Your first souvenir about art?

It goes back to when I received an African mask as a gift from my uncle, who is very fond of art. I liked it very much and was very excited to hang it in my bedroom. Today this mask still follows me, I consider it as my first step in the art world.

The masterpiece you would like to have in your collection? The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I have always had a deep admiration for this work and all its details will always impress me.

Vincent Van Gogh, The Starry Night, 1889 / Huile sur toile 74 x 92 cm / Museum of Modern Art de New York


Your first acquisition?

The original painting by American artist Hebru Brantley, named Bandito on a Bomb. I was already following him on instagram because I liked his style and the iconic Flyboy caught my eye. This purchase was made by pure chance when a friend invited me to accompany him to the Urban Art Fair in Paris. As I walked through the stands, this work caught my attention as much for its colors as for having the opportunity to acquire an artist whom I greatly appreciate

The masterpiece of your collection?

All the works in our home are special and it is really tough to pick just one. But if I had to choose it would be a painting that we acquired this year by Shona McAndrew titledKaguya. The way Shona was able to capture Kaguya’s beauty, the softness of her skin and her realness, is truly unbelievable. Shona is one of the most talented artists we have seen; her sculptural works are incredible, and her paintings and works on paper are equally as powerful.

Where do you buy your works?

For most of my acquisitions, I go to galleries. But above all, I prefer to buy directly from artists if possible. This allows me to establish closer contact with the artist and to be able to ask him directly questions about his universe.

ARTISTS TOP known artists? George Condo | Andy Warhol | Alejandro Cardenas | Kaws

George Condo, Father & Daughter With Fask Mask, 2020 Andy Warhol, Flowers, 1964

Alejandro Cardenas,Adoration of a Key Colonial pupa, 2019 Kaws, HOLIDAY, 2019

TOP emerging artists?

Austin Harris | Laurens Legiers | Szabolcs Bozó | Oh de Laval

Austin Harris, It's not always that easy, 2020 Laurens Legiers, Small Blue Lobster, 2020

Szabolcs Bozó, Will, 2020 Oh de Laval, The Favorite, 2018


What are your criteria to choose an artwork? There are several, but the most important thing for me is to acquire art pieces that transport me to the artist's universe.

Any advice for neophyte collectors? Don't rush. You have to take the time to think before you buy and above all, be interested in emerging artists.

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