Do you know the golden rule for hanging your painting?

While many have artwork hanging on the walls, not everyone hangs them properly. It might seem like a difficult task, but once you learn some basic rules for hanging a worl on the wall, you will find that it is quite simple. In this post, we'll summarize everything you need to know about hanging artworks on your walls in the most harmonious way.

The golden ratio is a mathematical method which is based on the assumption that the human eye focuses in on a ratio of 62 to 38 per cent on arranged objects, seeing these angles as particularly harmonious. This principle can be found in many different areas of life.

To hang your painting in the most harmonious way, the aesthetic standard is 1.52m (60in) above the ground on a bare wall so that the center of your work is at eye level. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Divide the height of your painting in half to obtain its center (ex: 62/2=31cm // 24/2=13in)

  • Measure where the hook is placed from the top edge (ex :31-11=20cm // 13-4=9in)

  • Add this result to 1.52 cm / 60 in (ex: 152+20=172cm / 60+9=69in)

  • Plant your nail!

This little calculation should make all the difference ...

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