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Your first souvenir about art? Wow I can’t even remember to be honest. I’ve loved art as a kid so it was probably a post card from the MoMA.

The masterpieces you would like to have in your collection? -The Fallen Butler by George Condo, 2009 (1) -The Card Players by Paul Cézanne, 1892 (2) -Le bonheur de vivre (The Joy of Life) by Henri Matisse, 1905 (3)


Your first acquisition? Virtual Character (Woman III), 2018 by Jonathan Chapline

The masterpiece of your collection? That’s like choosing your favorite child since I have many reasons why I love each work. However, a turning point for me and my collection would be when I acquired “Sip of that kool aid”, 2020 by Anna Park. From that point on I really changed how I collected.

Where do you buy your works? Many different galleries and artists directly from all over the world.


TOP 3 known artists?

Yayoi Kusama | Kerry James Marshall | David Hockney

TOP 3 emerging artists?

This is very difficult for me to narrow to just 3 since I’m constantly discovering new artists I really enjoy. But if I must choose:

Alejandro Cardenas | Arghavan Khosravi | Kathia St. Hilaire


What are your criteria to choose an artwork? I look for 3 things: work that has some sort of historically significant context, a unique visual language, and if I see myself enjoying it or wanting to still display it in my home in 10 years. Any advice for neophyte collectors? Continuously look at all types of art, and it will help you discover what is unique. Train your eye to step outside of its comfort zone and challenge your own beliefs. What brings you MyStudiolo? It is a unique way to catalogue my art collection and conveniently share it with others.

Instagram : @dan.win

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