Bet on emerging artists!

Paying attention to these latters is participating in the development of this new emergence and to support it. It is also about being a collector, more reckless, who knows how to give a chance to young artists, in touch with the issues and aesthetics of the moment. You have to know how to observe trends, be curious and attentive to signals from the art market, but also be lucky. Know how to trust emerging artists whose CVs (exhibitions, prestigious awards, press articles, etc.) indicate a promising career. If you want to make an investment, consider the growth of the artist's rating.

Always keep in mind that it is better, with the same budget, to buy an important work of an emerging artist rather than a secondary piece of an established creator. But above all, you have to be able to spend for pure pleasure, without expecting anything in return. So one golden rule: buy with the heart so you don't regret anything!

Détail of the work Now Here by Jean-Baptise Caron

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