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Where does your passion for art come from?

I remember this growing passion for art during a school trip to the Picasso Museum... Then during a trip to Egypt to my tenth year in 98 when I had fun with my father to search for treasure and also from my decisive encounter with Banksy's art.


There is always a starting point for a collection. Do you remember of your first piece?

Following a trip to London: a stencil on vinyl by the artist Banksy bought from the boss of the label. The first of a long series.

The masterpiece of your collection, the one you are most proud about?

There are many, it's very difficult to choose. I would say a canvas of Dondi White entitled "Blue Skies" of 1983. Certainly one of the most beautiful of the artist.

Where do you buy your works? Online, at fairs, at galleries?

No matter where, I'm looking for the emotion above all.


What are your favorite artists of the moment?

I really like George Condo, Eddie Martinez, Maurizio Cattelan, Renée Lévy, Ai Weiwei, Futura 2000...


The role of the collector today according to you?

Art has this ability to awaken consciences. It is essential to continue to share this passion today more than ever.

What are your criteria of choice in the acquisition of your works?

The power that emerges from the work... The importance of the artist in the history of art and a price consistent with the market.

Our next talk party will be about art and digital. What is your relationship to digital?

Virtual reality interests me a lot. I really like the virtual museum concept such as the UMA project. This ability to make art accessible to the greatest number... and especially to those who do not have access easily.

What brings you MyStudiolo?

MyStudiolo is an ambitious project very interesting! The application helps me to better organize my collection on a daily basis and thus lighten my mind. Thank you!

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