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Offer the best protection to your works by choosing an invisible optical glass!

L'encadrement d'art est là pour mettre en valeur et protéger votre oeuvre. La mise sous verre est un élément important de la mise en valeur. Le verre ne doit pas faire obstacle à l'appréciation de l'oeuvre mais il doit la réhausser !

The art framing is there to enhance and protect your work. The setting under glass is an important element of the development. The glass should not stand in the way of the appreciation of the work but it should enhance it!

Invisible optical glass has many qualities:

  • transparency

  • reflections are blocked

  • its protection against the rays of light

It faithfully reproduces the colors, the delicacy and the quality of the works on paper, whether drawings, engravings or photos. This is the guarantee of long-term and lasting protection and the quality of an exceptional result.

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