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What if you give an art book at Christmas?

Many studies have been carried out and they have the same conclusion: reading is good for everyone! Moreover, art also has many virtues ... As we believe that giving a book is always a good idea, we have selected 10 publications to find at the Le Grand Jeu bookstore.

Le Grand Jeu is a team with a true passion for street cultures and contemporary art. In addition of curating exhibitions and art projects, Le Grand Jeu produces books and source information, especially the ones that are impossible to find elsewhere. The Grand Jeu bookstore dedicated to street culture and located on Fluctuart in Paris awaits you!

For a philosopher, nature lover, a globe-trotter, a city dweller, a stroller, a night owl or another in need of pop vitamin... to each personality its ideal art book!


Bringing together more than thirty international contemporary artists (Saype, Gonzalo Borondo, Ivan Juarez, Lewis Miller, Scarlett Hooft Graafland ...), this book is part of the land art movement, which was born in the early 1960s in the United States, using the infinite field of nature as material and support for creation. The artist, through his/her phenomenal interventions in the forest, in the city, in the mountains, or in the middle of the desert, educates the public about the beauty of nature and the ecological urgency of taking care of it.

Edition Alternatives, 2018

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What is the relationship between street art and the law? In A Philosophy Guide to Street Art and the Law, Andrea Baldini argues that street art has a constitutive relationship with the law. A crucial aspect of the identity of this urban art kind depends on its capacity to turn upside down dominant uses of public spaces. Street artists subvert those laws and social norms that regulate the city. Baldini shows that street art has not only transformed public spaces and their functions into artistic material, but has also turned its rebellious attitude toward the law into a creative resource.

Edition Brill Research Perspectives, 2018

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A major source of inspiration in the history of art, the night remains a fertile ground for experimentation today. Coming back to a subject as vast as night allows us to ask essential questions about our condition and our place in the universe, as well as the role of art.

The exhibition catalog is a rich, illustrated work that goes beyond the body of work on display to retrace a history of the links between painting and night in the 20th century and today. It includes an unpublished essay by the philosopher Michaël Fœssel, Inévidences nocturnes, and an in-depth study of the subject by Jean-Marie Gallais, curator of the exhibition.

Edition Centre Pompidou Metz, 2018

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This book traces the open story of a generation of European and North American women who boldly and flamboyantly contributed to international pop. Their works, like comics, are full of rainbow and vibrant colors. Through plural ways, they envision a different world, with dream shapes, and bet on the construction of a better world. Love is all we need !

Edition Flammarion and MAMAC Nice, 2020

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In 1950s Paris, the geometric and colorful facades of the merchants of colors caught the eye of the young Gérard Ifert, a city surveyor attentive to the manifestations of a vernacular urban culture. An exceptional documentation on street art that has disappeared today, with text by Catherine de Smet.

Edition B42, 2019

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Former member of the legendary collective of French artists "Les Frères Ripoulin", OX prefers oversized billboards which he covers with geometric and abstract compositions.

Edition International Neighborhood Verlag, 2015

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And as a bonus, a selection of 4 monographs: JR, Ernest Pignon Ernest, Kaws & Banksy

Walk around the city with JR, rediscover the sensitive works of the precursor Ernest Pignon Ernest, smile while browsing Kaws’s dark humor works and finally, react to the protesting works of Banksy!

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