The woman behind ArtemCollectio


Your first souvenir about art?

Art is something I shared with my father, he was a collector and an artist later in life. We shared our ease with numbers, and our love of art. He fostered my drive, instilled in me the importance of art & and inspires all of my contributions to the arts.

The masterpiece you would like to have in your collection?

Rather than have a single masterpiece, I’d like to curate an extraordinary collection that will transcend a singular work.


Your first acquisition?

My first true acquisition was an artwork by Christopher Wool.

Your last acquisition?

An original artwork on canvas by Kehinde Wiley.

Is there a common thread that unites the artworks of your collection?

There is, and I’ll share that once I feel my collection is ready to go on public view. And once I’ve shown the entirety of it, that common thread will become apparent. I think that every great collection has an underlying criteria or thread that unites & brings the collection together.

Kehinde Wiley

Portrait of M'Baye Babacar N'Diaye Sarr and Sarah Diouf

2020, Oil on linen


TOP favorite known artists?

Favorites are tricky for me, I have favorites for different reasons and I often go through phases with artists. I think as collectors, especially with living artists, our favorites evolve as we grow and as our collections take shape.

TOP emerging artists?

I think Conrad Egyir & John Rivas as ones to watch, and closely! They will surely go the distance. I am very excited to see Mike Lee’s work as it evolves, I think he has a bright future ahead. And I am curious to see Jonathan Chapline evolve into an immersive artist, he’s very talented and has a lot of potential.


Any advice for neophyte collectors?

Always go with your gut! Trust your instincts and buy the pieces you love, rather than follow the buying trends of others. And if possible, get to know the artist well prior to acquiring, or familiarize yourself with their market.

The next artistic event not to be missed?

2020 has made for an interesting time in terms of events. They’ve taken a new shape and I find that keeps evolving with the changing times. That being said, Library Street Collective is working on some very exciting things so they are surely ones to watch!

The Instagram account that inspires you?

I can’t say that I’m inspired for a single Instagram account, it’s more so a slew of them that speak to me in different ways.

What does MyStudiolo bring you?

I think MyStudiolo brings connections & insights into collectors & their collections, which is understated but of great value.

Get a glimpse of her collection

Jonni Cheatwood | Mark Walhen | Hebru Brantley

Instagram : @artemcollectio