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SO CLOSE 2, the exhibition that gets you closer to contemporary art

After the success of its first edition last year, SO CLOSE 2 will be setting up from Sunday March 21 at the Guido Romero Pierini gallery, 116 rue de Turenne. This museum-scale Parisian place will house the works of 17 artists from the new contemporary French scene.

MyStudiolo is pleased to join forces with the Guido Romero Pierini gallery to reveal these personalities of emerging creation to you. The exhibition will be punctuated by several meetings during which you will be able to discover the lives of artists through interviews and videos. We will also have the opportunity to meet on ClubHouse to discuss the challenges and responsibility of this new generation in contemporary art.

Signing an absolute contemporaneity, this non-consensual exhibition must be apprehended above all physically. Along the route, the paintings, sculptures and installations tell us a story, sometimes linked to reality, sometimes to fiction. Borders disturbed by a new generation of artists whose works intertwine and echo each other.

The virtuosity of Lou Ros's landscapes releases a sensitive emotion that responds to the solar and melancholy paintings of Christine Safa. An importance of the light that one finds completely in the abstract works with the "atomist" approach of Cyrielle Gulacsy. She explores our perception of space and time just like Marion Flament, a scenographer, whose experimentation guides her work. Works full of textures, with a restricted and raw palette at Clément Mancini, become evocative of a transitory love for Hugo Avigo, or even vitamin and urban with Mario Picardo. This inspiration from the city is captured in the works of Romain Lecornu, whose materials collected during his wanderings come together to form experimental installations. A certain hybridity is also felt in the fragmented sculptures of Paul Créange which denounce a culture of "all-disposable". His work questions our relationship with living things and responds to the interdisciplinary practice of Jonathan Bréchignac, whose work combines sculpture, installation and painting on the edge of reality. A nebulous spirit that also floats in the futuristic works of Alexandre Bavard. With his way of considering materials differently, he shares a philosophy close to Jan Melka’s ones, whose geometry of the curves of her installations and the use of poor materials get us thinking. A sense of architecture also suggested by Antoine Donzeaud. His work is a meeting between minimalism and the urban. On the ceramic side, the use of natural materials such as wax gives Juliette Minchin's sculptures an undeniably organic and mystical dimension. Those of Masha Silchenko tell us poetic stories sometimes wonderful, sometimes painful. Finally, the strange mystical scenes with vivid and unreal colors of John Fou and Cecilia Granara are animal in one and dreamlike in the other.

The SO CLOSE 2 exhibition, eminently current, arises in a context where union and team spirit are essential. Through the eyes of Guido Romero Pierini, advocating freedom, SO CLOSE 2 takes the pulse of a contemporary creation in full mutation. From this collective spirit emerges a great manifest force. It is definitely time to take part in this renewal and to meet these talented artists at the helm of an art with a lasting, sensitive and deep message.

Marion Flament, Fire Strained Glass, 2021

Lou Ros, Cuicui #4, 2021

Jonathan Bréchignac, Stone balancing, 2020

Mario Picardo, Sans titre, 2021

John Fou, Disturbing birds, 2020

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