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Pat Lei, collector & arty restaurateur


Your first souvenir about art?

My first souvenir about art is a print of Takashi Murakami. I got it from a friend as a birthday gift.

The masterpiece you would like to have in your collection?

I like George Condo a lot and would love to collect one of his work.


Your first acquisition?

My first acquisition is a paper work from Mr.

Your last acquisition?

Recently, I added to my collection a work of Izumi Kato and another one by Chen Ke from Christies auction. I look forward to receiving them!

Is there a common thread that unites the artworks of your collection?

I like different style of arts. From Japan cosmic art style to Rococo art style. I believe in the first impression of a artwork.


TOP 3 favorite known artists?

George Condo | Mr. | Ayako Rokkaku

George Condo, Particle Pick Up, 1996

Mr., Street-Corner Oasis, 2018

Ayako Rokkaku, Sans titre, 2019

TOP 3 emerging artists?

Xu yang | LY | Chen Wei Ting


Your criteria of choice?

Choose the one you like and don’t think to use art as a tool to earn money. This is just an extra bonus.

Any advice for neophyte collectors?

Be concerned for quality, not quantity. Try to buy original artwork and have a masterpiece in the collection.

The next artistic event not to be missed?

Chen Wei Ting's solo show at GR gallery

The Instagram account that inspires you?


What does MyStudiolo bring you?

I love the instagram account and the blog to see other private collections.

Here is a glimpse of Pat's collection

George Morton-Clark | Yoon Hyup | Ziping Wang

And check out his arty restaurant Sizzz in Macao

Instagram : @xxdragohebeoo

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