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Our 3 favorite artists from the ddessin artfair

From June 11th to 13th, the 9th edition of DDESSINPARIS will take over a new space located at Molière, 40 rue de Richelieu, from 11 to 13 June. A private mansion located between the Palais de la Bourse and the historic BnF site, a few steps from its emblematic site since the creation of the show in 2013, the Atelier Richelieu which will reopen its doors for the 10th edition in 2022.

The major role of the event is to be a springboard for the young art scene which explores drawing in all its forms, and for the galleries which defend it in France and internationally. By offering it high visibility alongside more established galleries and artists, DDESSINPARIS contributes to making known and recognized a future artistic scene which energizes and irrigates this medium with passion.

We have selected our 3 favorite artists. Discover their worlds, their style, their technique and the unique outlook they have on the world around them:


Sororité, Graphite on paper, 2020

Represented by Ozenne Gallery

"Drawing is the central and fundamental practice of my work. It is for me an outlet and has allowed me to build myself. When I was younger, I had behavioral problems, excesses of anger. Two things channeled me: drawing and boxing. These practices are linked, they echo each other. When I draw, there is this idea of surpassing oneself, of a fight against myself. My drawings always start from reality, from photographs that I take in film, that I borrow or that I assemble. "


Detail of Portraits croisés, charcoal and inks on paper, 2020

Represented by Art Absolument

The artist develops an artistic practice highlighting the signs of a complex relationship between Man and his environment. She tends to highlight the sensitivity that emanates from hybrid situations that mix behaviors and developments, symbols and human or non-human signs, and endeavors, through her drawings and installations, to bring into dialogue the traces of wild and natural behaviors with those of our instincts blunted by our Western comfort.


Now, aquarelle, 2021

Born in 1988 in Paris, he studied at Central Saint Martins in London. He graduated in 2012. His practice is multidisciplinary and variable: from the writing of a book presented as a happening (The taste of aspirin), he moves on to an installation work composed of remnants of a child's bedroom (The birth of A.), then to the literary criticism of the work of a pornographic actress (Adriana) to finally, today, think of a project coupling writing and watercolor painting (Also:)

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