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John Marquez, collector of emerging artists


Your first souvenir about art?

If I am not mistaken I believe it was the book “Basquiat” by Marc Mayer

The masterpiece you would like to have in your collection?

Any Solid work by J.M.B


Your first acquisition?

A Smoke Ring photograph by Donald Sultan and a Gangsta Rat print by Banksy.

Your last acquisition?

A beautiful painting by Barry McGee →

Is there a common thread that unites the artworks of your collection?

Lately, I'm leaning towards collecting emerging and mid-career artists but I have always collected works by street artists. A great example of this is the painting I just purchased by graffiti artist Barry McGee! I really enjoy collecting artists who are having the flexibility to work in both public and private spaces.

Can you tell us more about the John Marquez Family Collection?

The collection started as a small hobby collecting street art about 10 years ago and then, the hobby turned into a passion. Since the start, I've researched and educated myself about contemporary and modern art through online platforms and have built great relationships with galleries and other like-minded collectors. Things grew naturally for me. At one point, I was focusing on American street artists but my taste has grown, lately I'm buying a lot of international emerging artists.


TOP 4 favorite known artists?

Jean-Michel Basquiat | Banksy | Yoshitomo Nara | Richard Prince

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Victor 25448, 1987

Banksy, Girl with balloon, 2002

Yoshitomo Nara, Life is only one, 2007

Richard Prince, Exhibition view 'High Times', Gagosian Gallery, 2018

TOP 5 emerging artists?

Jordy Kerwick | Robert Nava | Jordi Ribes | Robin F. Williams | Milo Mattieu


Your criteria of choice?

First and foremost collect what you like and relate to. I acquire mainly drawings, paintings and sculptures, and I always think a lot about what I can live with over time. Lately I have also been adding some design to the mix.

Any advice for neophyte collectors?

Buy what you can afford, what you like, and make sure the works you choose are representative of the artist's practice. But, if you just like the work and it resonates with you, don’t be afraid to buy!

The next artistic event not to be missed?

The "Kaws: What Party" opening at the Brooklyn Museum on February 26th.

The Instagram account that inspires you?

@Larrys_List. I think Christoph does a great job at curating a page with images of incredible collections in beautiful interiors. The combination of design and great art ranges from emerging to blue chip. I've been checking it out all the time while I build my new home!

What does MyStudiolo bring you?

The ability to consolidate, organize and manage your collection on there digital platform, while also providing great tools for networking and sharing your collection with other collectors in the community.

Here is a glimpse of John's collection

Instagram : @johnfitosway

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