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 IX. Photo Essays for Architecture & Art

A note for the reader:
All images not otherwise identified are Robert A. Baron.
Users are permitted to take copies of these images for their private, not-for-profit, educational purposes, for use in conjunction with teaching and scholarship and other fair use activities, under the proviso that the user assumes all liability for their use, with the exception that they may not be transferred for the purpose of subsequent for-profit uses or for publication for which most may not be licensed. By application, some of these digital images are available in higher resolution, minimally compressed and unedited versions. Some may be acquired with license to publish or for other uses at minimal cost.
The criteria used to select images for these pages considers their appropriateness as tools for teaching
For details and further information write to


*Note: Photographs of works of non-architectural art under copyright may not be reproduced
without prior permission of the artist, his heirs or his copyright agent.

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